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The IMZMUN aims to improve international understanding and collaboration among the young generation of today. When noticing that Americans and Iranians, Jews and Muslims, wealthier and poorer get along well during their high school years, why not build on this? The IMZMUN is set up to make students understand the background to the conflicts in the world and by understanding the roots becoming a part of the future resolutions. We want the role game of today to impact the reality of tomorrow.


To enable every student to attend the IMZMUN, we are trying to keep the costs per student as low as possible. For the conference, set-up accommodation and the web-hosting costs incur and to not levy these on the participating students, we hope for sponsorships.

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Sponsor will get an honourable mentioning for their support in the opening and closing ceremonies (if so wished). For larger sponsorships, we are happy to discuss how to express our gratitude!

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