Welcome to the IMZMUN 2021

Welcome address by the IMZMUN Conference Director

Honourable Delegates, distinguished colleagues,

Institut Montana Zugerberg (IMZ) and the IMZMUN Secretariat are delighted and proud to present the IMZMUN 2021, held at Institut Montana Zugerberg in central Switzerland at 990 meters above sea-level 29th October - 31st October 2021!

In the spirit of the founder of Institut Montana Zugerberg - the Swiss humanist and peacemaker Dr Max Husmann - the IMZMUN is held to develop adolescence understanding of the world, emphasising the importance of internationalism, individualism and integration.

Innovations are undeniably the foundations of economic growth and prosperity of the past centuries. Improved communication and transportation have laid the grounds of the globalised society that we know today. And medical innovations have saved the lives of millions of people. It is, however, also undeniable that some innovations the world would be better without.

The questions are: can technological advancement be halted for innovations that aren’t good for humanity? If yes, who decides which technologies that aren’t desirable? And who assures that countries stick to international agreements on this topic?

After the past years having debated women’s rights, immigration and global warming, the IMZMUN 2021 will address one controversial aspect of technological advancement: the further development of genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Curiosity, and hence innovation, are in the human DNA. To this, add the profit incentives of businesses in the free market economies and the constant battle for scarce resources, both

between competing businesses and nations, we may have arrived at the crossroads, where we need to decide whether – and if yes, how – to regulate technological advancement.


We are looking forward to seeing you in October! 

Sincerely yours,

Paul-Johan Widen

IMZMUN Conference Director

The IMZMUN 2021 Secretariat