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Welcome to the IMZMUN 2023

Welcome address by the IMZMUN Conference Director

Honourable Delegates, distinguished colleagues,

Institut Montana Zugerberg (IMZ) and the IMZMUN Secretariat are delighted and proud to present the IMZMUN 2023, held at Institut Montana Zugerberg in central Switzerland at 990 meters above sea-level 27th October - 29th October 2023!

In the spirit of the founder of Institut Montana Zugerberg - the Swiss humanist and peacemaker Dr Max Husmann - the IMZMUN is held to develop adolescents' understanding of the world, emphasising the importance of internationalism, individualism and integration.

We are looking forward to seeing you in October! 

Sincerely yours,

Paul-Johan Widen

IMZMUN Conference Director

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Theme Anchor

The IMZMUN 2023 Secretariat

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