Rules of procedure IMZMUN 

Programme IMZMUN 2020

Research report (to be published)

Photo & video release form

+ wifi agreement



Form I: Application
With Form I, schools can register an interest in attending the IMZMUN 2020 and indicate the number of Delegates and MUN Directors that they would like to send. Names of students and MUN Directors are not due until Form II closes September 2020.
Form I closes April 1st 2020 and all invoices must be paid by April 15th 2020

Form II: Delegation registration
With Form II, the MUN Director will submit the details of the students and chaperones participating.
Form II opens May 15th and closes September 20th 2020

Form III: Delegate registration
In Form III, Delegates themselves can indicate their preferred Member States and whether they want to represent a Member State by themselves or together with a fellow Delegate.
Form III opens May 15th and closes September 20th 2020