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Welcome to the IMZMUN 2024

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our mountain, the Zugerberg, in October. 


Thank you! 

Diana, Vanssh, Juli & Dillon

IMZMUN 2024 Secretariat


Welcome address by the IMZMUN 2024 Secretariat

Honourable delegates, esteemed guests,
We, the IMZMUN 2024 Secretariat, are honoured to chair this year’s conference. It is our intention to create a stimulating and creative debating environment.

In this day and age, socioeconomic disparities are more evident than ever before, and the urgency to address them is continually mounting. We stand at a critical juncture where we must deliberate on whether our societal mechanisms are conducive to fostering an equal environment for all. Ignoring this crucial step can be a massive hazard that today’s generation is unknowingly cooking up for our successors. 

Should policymakers continue to pursue economic strategies that perpetuate systemic poverty? Is it solely the responsibility of policymakers to weigh the potential impacts of their decisions on poverty alleviation? Can new economic models, such as inclusive growth frameworks, be morally and ethically justified? Does such validation offer sufficient rationale for legislative support? At what juncture should governments intervene, and if they do, through what means? Should we settle for positive overall outcomes while acknowledging negative repercussions as unavoidable by-products of economic progress?

These inquiries may appear formidable and intricate, seemingly beyond the purview of young Gen Z scholars like us at the IMZMUN 2024. The Pathways to Prosperity represent multifaceted challenges necessitating broad comprehension, meticulous deliberation, and pragmatic concessions to arrive at viable solutions. Nevertheless, we remain optimistic that, through advocacy, discourse, and collaborative efforts, the delegates of the IMZMUN 2024 will act like a catalyst through meaningful dialogues and forge consensus on robust strategies. 

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